Ruth Wood

Originally from Killaloe, Ruth Wood  has lived in West Clare for the last ten years with her children Eve, Hiram and husband Fergal. Presently she divides her time between Limerick and Carrigaholt, having just completed a Masters in history of art in the University of Limerick. She is a fine art graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design and has been a full time artist since 1999. Thoughout this time she has exhibited her work in both Limerick and Clare and has successfully maintained a loyal clientele for her original artwork which is inspired by the subtle changes in the rural landscape of the West Clare peninusula; she aims to capture the poignant beauty of a decaying world as expressed in her barn paintings and also to celebrate new developments in this area, as in the opening up of the Loop Head lighthouse to the public. Stylistically, her present series of paintings are informed by the art produced in France during the latter half of the nineteenth century, a time when artists moved away from academic themes towards the celebration of rural life.

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